Renovation/Completion of Projects and New Projects

Infrastructural Development Towards Enhancing Quality Basic Education

Research findings have shown that there is strong evidence that high quality infrastructural facilities enhance better instruction and improve on students’ outcomes, among others”. Accordingly, Professor Auna intend to re-appraise the existing structures for sustenance and equip them with high tech equipment that would enhance teaching and learning. To achieve this, he has outlined the following strategies:

  • Inculcate culture of better utilization and maintenance of facilities;
  • Completion of existing uncompleted projects.
  • Judicious utilization of TETFund interventions to construct more academic buildings and related structures;
  • Campus beautification;
  • Actively implement alternative power solutions to cover the entire campus within 4 years;
  • Implement power conservation solutions.

Coupled with this, the Provost embarked on renovation, completion and building of new structures in the College. These are the parade of projects:

  • Maintenance of College vehicle.
  • Refurbishing of Board Room Seats.
  • Renovation and adequate equipping of Early Child Centre.
  • Reactivation of Boreholes at both Female & Male Hostels.
  • Purchase of 5 new Mower Machines, repairs of 10 old ones and Purchase of Cleaning Materials.
  • Construction of a block of 3 Classroom for JSS Class and a Block of Principal and Staff Room Block.
  • Construction of Bus Stop at the College Main Gate
  • Completion of Students’ VIP Toilets Behind School of Languages.
  • Extension of College Fence at Shango end.
  • Upgrading of Centre of Excellence.
  • Maintenance of Roof Covering and Ceiling Works at College Main Library.
  • Renovation of Six Schools.
  • Completion of 40 Number Staff Office Blocks.
  • Completion of New Science Lab Complex
  • Completion of 5 Number HOD Offices at School of ASS
  • Completion of 40 Rooms Female Hostel Block.
  • Completion of Physical Fitness Lab.
  • Completion of New Language Lab.
  • Renovation Work at Male Hostel Block.
  • Renovation Work at Female Hostel Block.
  • Provision of 500KVA Transformer.
  • Furnishing of New Chemistry Lab.
  • Furnishing of New Integrated Science Lab.
  • Landscaping of College Environment
  • Furnishing of Classrooms, Resources Rooms.
  • Renovation of School Libraries.
  • Maintenance Works at ICT Centre, 500 Seating Capacity Theatre.
  • Renovation of 3-Arm Zone Lecture Theatres.