The unit provides security services for twenty-four hours on the campus. It serves as police within the College system instead of the police force. The unit also coordinates its activities with other security agents like the State Security Service (SSS), the Military, Immigration Service, Customs, Nigeria Prisons Service, etc. The Chief Security Officer heads the division. Other members of staff include the Deputy Chief Security, the Senior Patrolmen, Patrolmen and the Security men.

The students are at liberty to report any incident promptly to security unit at any time. Where they have doubts on security issues generally, they can contact the Chief Security Officer or any of his officers for advice. The students are advised to carry along with them their identity cards, either within or outside the campus to be produced to the security staff or any security agent outside the campus and any other person who may demand for their identity. If held by any of the security agents outside the campus they can send a message to the Students’ Affairs office or the Chief Security officer for assistance through the quickest way possible.

The College has an established security unit head by the chief Security Officer (CSO). The unit is under the Chairmanship/Supervision of the Deputy Provost (Administration)

  • Police

Relationship with Members of other Security Agencies: The Nigerian police and the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) are involved in routine patrol within the College Campus.

  • Safety Alerts

Sensitization: The College has a security committee saddled with the responsibility of sensitizing members of the College community on security issues.

Training: The security of the College are exposed to security training from time to time. Meanwhile there is also an internal training by the security department.

Collaboration with other Tertiary Institutions: There is a regular meeting of heads of securities of tertiary institutions. The meetings is meant for Chief Security Officers (CSOs).