In order to achieve the set Vision and Mission of the College, this Strategic Plan identifies the goals, objective and actions required. The Strategic Plan (2020 – 2025) hinged on two specific objectives:

  • To harness resources to meet the overall goals and objectives; and
  • To fulfill the Vision and Mission of the College in the context of the Contemporary Teacher Professional Education.

The plan revolves round ten strategic themes:

  • Evolving a service and development oriented, team bonded governance structure;
  • Re-appraisal of the existing and planned expanded structures and facilities for establishing the relevant sustenance and service value utilization for improved Teacher Education;
  • Curricular re-invention in the context of the National Teacher Education Policy and the National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) programme re­ structuring drive for appropriate quality Basic Teacher Education Delivery;
  • A robust ICT driven quality teaching and learning;
  • Research and Development focused;
  • Community engagement, service and exploring and intensifying linkages and collaborations for extra resources and Professional Teacher Education Development;
  • Creating morally sound and serene environment for functional Teacher Education;
  • Ensuring sustainable resource generation and management drive;
  • Sustaining Staff, Students’ W elfare/Staff Development/Promotion; and
  • Institutionalizing Quality Assurance.

This Strategic Plan is arranged in seven sections:

  1. Brief History of the College
  2. Strategic Intent, Mandate, Vision, Mission and Core Values
  3. SWOT Analysis of Niger State College of Education as a Teacher Training Institution
  4. Key Strategic Themes
  5. Strategic Themes, Goals, Objectives, and Action
  6. Strategic Logical Framework
  7. Monitoring and Evaluation Strategies

The first section which contains the brief history of the College highlights the following key issues:

  • Establishment of the College
  • Objectives/Mandate of the College
  • Governance Structure
  • Academic Programmes
  • Students Profile
  • Academic and Non-academic Staff Profile
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