The college counselling unit is located at the left wing of the institution. It is made up of the head of the counselling clinic who is a professional guidance counsellor; oversees the smooth and effective running of the unit with two other professional guidance counsellors. The unit has a secretary who keeps the records of the center with a receptionist and a cleaner who keeps the office and environment clean. The center opens every working day from Sam- 4pm.

The services rendered include:

  1. Educational Services
  2. Study skills
  3. Career choice
  • Evaluation of academic performance
  1. Study methods
  2. Truancy and others
  3. Orientation Services:
  4. It provides orientation services to new students when given admission into the college before their matriculation.
  5. It assists them to know information about the school.
  • It helps them to adjust with the school situations and develop academic standards, personal qualities and help moral values
  1. It assists new students to develop social adjustment abilities
  2. Information Service:
  3. It helps students to take right decisions when they are faced with multifarious problems in the context of education life
  4. It motivates and stimulates the students to appraise their idea and ideologies
  • It helps the students to be self-dependent, self-cautious and self-regulating
  1. It assists students to explore new possible areas to place themselves.

The Unit also provide information such as:

  1. Educational Information
  2. Occupational Information
  3. Personal Social Information

The center equally provides professional personal services like

  1. Relationship issues
  2. Marital problems
  3. Low self-esteem
  4. Addiction
  5. Stress
  6. Courtship
  7. Anger related problems
  8. Family related issues (poor relationship between parents and children.
  9. Rape/victimization

The counselling clinic unit of Niger State College renders services both within and outside clients of the college. IT’S OPEN TO ALL