Report of 2018 Accreditation Exercise from Directorate of Quality Assurance

The Directorate of Quality Assurance in collaboration with the College Accreditation Committee began its Accreditation Exercise activities with the sensitization of Heads of Departments, Deans of Schools and Directors of Programmes especially on the documents that they are expected to be made available to the Accreditation Team from National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) Abuja on their arrival to the College. Also, the Directorate embarked on Mock-Accreditation of both Institution and Programmes in the School. The exercise was successfully carried out.

In that vein, the main Accreditation Team from NCCE arrived the College on the 1st July, 2018 for the exercise. The team carried out the Accreditation Exercise between 2nd and 4th July, 2018. At the end of the exercise, the team held an Accreditation Exercise Exit Meeting with the College Management, Deans, Directors and Heads of Departments.

The Team Leader informed the members at the meeting that the exercise was for the year 2018 and emphasized that the College was back to limelight after a long while of Accreditation. In fact, he commended the Provost, Professor Muhammad Yakubu Auna for taking that bold step towards seeing that programmes of the College are accredited. He also commended the Quality Assurance Director of the College for simplifying the exercise thereby taking the whole task easy for the NCCE.

He explained that Accreditation in contemporary time is no longer a secret affairs and thus commended the Teams of Accreditation exercise for performing wonderfully. He said that twenty-seven (27) programmes were presented for Accreditation and they were successfully accredited. Though, the status of the Accreditation results was not mentioned at the time of the meeting. This was as a result of other procedures that needed to be followed.

However, after four (4) months of awaiting the Accreditation Result, National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) Abuja released the result of the Accreditation Exercise to the College and all programmes in the College were awarded Full Accreditation. Once again, Kudos to the efforts of Professor Muhammad Yakubu Auna. Therefore, the Directorate say congrats to the Provost and all members of the College Community.

Programmes Accredited

The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) visited the College between 1st and 6th July, 2018 for the purpose of conducting Institutional and Programmes Accreditations. The Commission awarded full accreditation status for both the institution and programmes:

  1. Education
  2. Primary Education
  3. Early Childhood Care and Education
  4. Adult and Non-Formal Education
  5. Special Education
  6. Fine and Applied Arts
  7. English
  8. French
  9. Hausa
  10. Technical Education
  11. Arabic
  12. Social Studies
  13. Home Economics
  14. Economics
  15. Geography
  16. Islamic Studies
  17. Christian Religious Studies
  18. History
  19. Mathematics
  20. Integrated Science
  21. Biology
  22. Chemistry
  23. Physics
  24. Computer Science
  25. Physical and Health Education
  26. Business Education
  27. Agricultural Education


With this full accreditation status, the Niger State College of Education, Minna will continue to run the programme for the next five years.